Voltaire & Rousseau Testimonials

Please read a few of our testimonials below for a flavour of the level of service you can expect from us. For more information call 0141 611 8764

"Voltaire has tons of personality and is two minutes away from the main campus of Glasgow uni, not to mention Kelvinbridge subway if you're travelling from further afield. With books at 2 pounds and rarities, what's stopping you? Go fetch! ( And good luck on your mission!) Be like Mario, smash through the books like bricks to get what you want - even if it is a fiction frenzy I promise you'll be 1 UP at the end of the experience."

Marj C, source: www.yelp.co.uk

"The Voltaire and Rousseau bookshop is the kind of place that makes you feel better about the state of the world. Why? Because as long as wonderful places such as this one still exist - society can't be all bad."

Katie A, source: www.yelp.co.uk

"In the front room as you enter, you'll find the first really crammed room full of books, however, they are all £1 or less.  I found a few in there that I wouldn't mind taking home with me, including a full-sheet atlas.  I wouldn't even guess what it goes for new, but for £1, I can totally get on board!"

Dallis M, source: www.yelp.co.uk

 A selection of second hand books

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